About us

Prism is not a conventional company, and we do not intend to become one. Our team breaks free from conventional thinking in order to spark creativity. Our vision is what gives us the courage to dare: dare to explore, dare to challenge, dare to insist, dare to keep pushing, dare to have the determination to succeed. Where some see problems, we see challenges; where some see risks, we see opportunities. From the start, we’ve always strived to do more and to do important and meaningful things with the resources we have.

Innovation is an important part of everything we do. We are exploring and researching new technologies such as AI, Big Data, Blockchain and IoT devices to find applications capable of improving day-to-day life. We believe that technology fulfills its true meaning when tangible applications help people.

Innovation can be perceived as risky by some. We believe that companies tend to get comfortable doing the same thing, only looking to improve their existing solution. This reflects the bias to see progress as linear and continuous, and that going to point B will always require you to pass by point A. Apple wouldn’t have come out with the iPhone just by improving their existing products. If point B always comes from point A, point A still needs to be written. Progress comes from revolutionary ideas, particularly in the technology industry. Sometimes, you need to get out of your comfort zone to remain relevant.

We are really excited about our mission and want to make the best use of technology to improve everyone’s life. We believe that taking the long-term view brings clarity to the mind when making decisions. With the growing adoption of Big Data among various healthcare businesses, we are exploring certain ways in which AI can help in the prevention as well as the early detection of diseases. We also focus on establishing automated and cost-effective health ecosystems powered by blockchain. Given that ability, we develop a protocol to help users create, monitor and monetize their own medical records. Our end goal is to empower everyone through their own healthcare, allowing us all to live longer, better, and more youthful lives.

To ensure our success, we are collaborating with only the best. A successful venture comes from its capability to unite the brightest minds toward a common goal. We value vision, fierce intelligence, quantitative reasoning, creativity, and most of all --doers. We believe that everything comes down to the execution, and we are committed to delivering the highest level of work ethic. We are proud to be the first partners of NULS, integrating their promising, cutting-edge cross-chain ecosystem. The Prism Protocol is an open source project, and we would like to warmly welcome anyone who is interested in joining us for this healthcare digital revolution.

The Prism Team.