Prism Protocol S.A.S

Prism Protocol S.A.S (PRISM) is a French start-up based in the technopole of Bidart in the Basque province of Labourd. Originally created in 2017 and then restructured in late 2020, after six years of research and development we have created a mini-laboratory for medical analysis named Biomi. Our aim is to boost preventive healthcare by creating adaptable and cost-effective medical devices that will enable healthcare professionals to give test results during the first doctor/patient consultation.

Core Values

Adaptability & Accessibility​​

This enables us to adjust to new conditions in a harshly competitive global economy; the capacity to modify our solution for a new use or purpose means the possibilities are endless. It allows us to turn setbacks into learning opportunities and most importantly improve our product for the patients’ benefit.

Dependable Innovation

The solution we offer will stay relevant for many years to come through it’s constant evolution by remote calibration, therefore allowing the device to read future RDT strips that will be introduced to the market.


We want to enable the current healthcare system by drastically augmenting the capability of preventive testing through rapid test strips. As we make them more accessible and therefore increase the frequency of these tests; your doctor will be able to catch pathological or viral diseases in their infancy, often rendering the treatment less invasive and more cost effective.