Decentralized Data Interoperability
Network Unlocking A.I. for Healthcare


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Curative Healthcare

Our medicine is based on treating diseases once they get visible, instead of preventing them to appear, due to the difficulty to self-assess health condition


Prism is built on the NULS architecture, a generation 3.0 blockchain based on modularity, flexibility and side-chains.

We designed a unique hybrid solution combining off-chain storage and in-chain indexation and data transmission which provides security, privacy, efficiency, and compliance to regulations.

Token Structure


Prism uses a Proof-of-Credit (PoC) consensus validation algorithm.
Advantages are

  • Virtually immune to a 51% attack
  • Reward token holders participating to the consensus
  • Converge towards mathematical scarcity of the token supply

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Prism platform




Partnership with NULS


PRISM token generation event


PRISM beta test network deployed


PRISM platform release

*Software release dates may be hard to accurately predict.
We will keep you informed after completion of every milestone.


Anthony Munoz Cifuentes


Anthony applies his vision, adaptability, execution and quantitative reasoning to lead Prism to success. Prior to this, he was a quantitative trader at Goldman Sachs and Commerzbank.

Frederic Lavorel


Frederic played various CIO roles for past 20 years. Being both an innovator and executor, he helps Prism to assemble teams and plan out all the necessary steps we need to achieve operational success.

Dieter Dratwa


Dieter is a serial entrepreneur and digital innovator with global exposure, more than 20 years top management consultancies work experience and computer science background.



Théo brings his expertise in marketing and business development, acquired in FMCG environments. Innovative thinker and problem-solver, he shapes Prism Marketing strategy for success.

Fabrice Cifuentes

Data monetization

Fabrice is a Business Angel and serial entrepreneur with 20 years of data monetization. Digital marketing expert and internet experience since 1998.

Adam Chin

China General Manager

Adam has Worldwide Fortune 500 company experience up to Asia board level. He is a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful ventures. Adam leads our team in China.

Pascale Guerin

Business Intégration

Pascale has 20 years of experience as a manager in multinationals in the medical device sector. She has a strong relationship with high level decision-makers in the healthcare industry as well as directly in hospitals.

Franck Franchin

Data Security

Franck has 20 years of background in cybersecurity and IoT cryptography. He helps us on cybersecurity, privacy and data anonymization.

Yann Auxenfans

Business Manager Switzerland

Yann has worked 20 years as Business Developer in IT solutions. He joined Prism after 7 years as Business Manager at Apple Geneva.

Rui Zhao

Lead developer

Rui has extensive experience as a lead blockchain developer. He is one of the core contributors to the NULS GitHub, the platform supporting Prism Protocol.


Pr. Darren Lim

Clinical Trial Director

Doctor of oncology at the National Cancer Centre Singapore and the Director of SingHealth Investigational Medicine Unit. Darren specializes himself in early stage cancer detection.

Liesa Huang


Liesa is the CEO of NULS, a highly customizable modular blockchain infrastructure. Liesa helps us to establish partnerships with major players in China.

Kwai Lee

Co Founder of ICORA

Kwai is an entrepreneur and investor with solid Asian market expertise in high technology sectors. Specializing in digihealth, he drives growth and market presence in Asia, financing and strategic industry collaboration.

Duncan Merrin

Founder of Intro International

Duncan is an English Chartered Accountant with over 35 years’ experience in the financial services sector. He served as Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce, Singapore.

Pr. Cheng-Hao Ko

CEO of SpectroChip

Cheng-Hao Ko received his Ph.D. in physics from the State University of New York. His outstanding works on micro-spectrometer won him multiple awards thanks to their applications in healthcare.

Eugene Yu

GM of Yindun Insurance

Eugene is the General Manager of Yindun Insurance Brokerage in China, an AI based insurance platform. Eugene has extensive experiences in insurance industry and healthcare services.